this is a space for explorations on deconstruction, discovery, and the divine. Or, being human. I created this newsletter subscription partially as a test (do people still read newsletters?!) and partially as a platform (the aesthetics are delightful) but entirely because I believe in the value of continually showing up for ourselves and our creative work, continually being honest about our experiences and stories, and learning from one another.

free subscribers will hear from me bi-monthly. the newsletter will either include an essay or a poem and a scratch note to go along with it, as well as some “good things” or creative inspiration, behind the scenes of published pieces, and the occasional freebie download. you’ll also hear first about anything I create and put out into the world.

paid subscribers will gain additional access to essays not-available-elsewhere and will be able to see book-sections as I let them out of their homes for early reads. most importantly, you will support my work in writing about real-shit and giving language to experience.

thanks for being here.

much love,


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